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Jonah Hill likes the Boosh.

I don't remember seeing this posted.  This was in an interview I think two issues back in Entertainment Weekly (I don't think the UK gets it?  Maybe?) with the guys from Superbad (pretty funny by the way):

Where do you guys go for comedy? Jonah and Michael, I know you two are big Zach Galifianakis fans.
He's hilarious. I love Extras. The Office.
Michael CERA: There's a [British] show called Garth Marenghi's Dark Place. That's the most brilliant show.
Jonah HILL: I love Edgar Wright's movies. The Mighty Boosh on the BBC is really funny.

Apparently there was also a (small?) picture, but I didn't get to read the article in the actual magazine because they screwed up my subscription and I didn't get that particular issue, my friend just said, "Hey, those Boosh guys were in that Superbad article."  And when I asked if I could see his copy, he told me he'd already thrown it out.  Maybe if anyone did see it?  I just thought that was kind of cool they got a mention in EW (no matter how tiny) seeing as its an American magazine and the Superbad guys are "hip", its publicity!  And Garth Marenghi's Darkplace too!  Win!
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