bangarang (panictowel) wrote in calmallamadown,

nme, nov 2007 magazine scan?

I'm on a quote quest and hope you can help me out here.
it's about the source of the following quote I'm looking for:

Julian Barratt: ”I suppose there is a level of homosexual tension between us. We’ve never really explored it in life, but it’s always there like an elephant in the room – we daren’t mention it.”

boosh-community maintainers on LJ have already helped me a lot, and told me this one is from the NME magazine 'Boosh Takeover' issue, November 21, 2007 – in response to a question asked by Russell Brand.

I've checked a few communities for scans of this already, but had no luck so far. so I'm really looking forward to every reply and help!
thank you.

(I've checked with the maintainer of this community, and it was alright for me to post this here.)
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